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"I hated every minute of training, but I said, Don't quit.
Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion." -Muhammad Ali

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Past Tournament News

(Updated October 2008)
2008 Tournament News

Coyotes in Cooperstown

Updated 11:00p June 10: The Coyotes have finished their third day of play with 2 in the win column for a 5-1 record in 12th place overall (out of 98 teams this week). They currently have a 5-1 record and have given up 16 runs in their 6 games so far. The key words for the week so far are exciting, and darn hot. The Coyotes have played well in the hot humid weather. On Sunday, they beat the Melinda Lizards by a score of 2-1. In the econd game they beat the Milwakee Boss by a score of 15 to 2. In that game, the Coyotes had home runs from Matt, Kai, and Tanner. The Coyotes entered Monday with a win against the Diamond Dreams as our pitching shut them out 11-0. The Coyotes played hard in their final game on Monday. However, they fell short to the Orlando Knight Owlz by a score of 10-7. On Tuesday, the bats were alive for the Coyotes. In the morning game, Cole hit 2 out of the park going 3-4 with 4 RBIs, and Matt followed with his own two out of the park going 3-3 with 3 RBIs. In that game the Coyotes also received a Complete Game one hitter pitching performance from Kai beating the Lone Star Rebels from Texas 8-1. In the delayed afternoon game (delayed because of thunderstorms), the Coyotes bats were still alive and the pitching was spectacular as the Coyotes beat the Milton Navericks from Georgia 13-2. The Coyotes finish pool-play tomorrow morning at 8am EST and will enter the single elimination bracket in great shape. In order to see where the coyotes are: Go to the Cooperstown website.


These Boys Don't Disappoint

It has been an eventful spring for Coyotes Baseball. In March, The 9-East, 10 and 11 year old Coyotes took the trek to Arizona and played baseball the way it is suppose to be played. The 9-East team took second in the tournament, losing in the Championship game--a very hard faught game. The 10 year old team played galently and finished 5th over the weekend, however, they lost two games by one run--and they were down to the wire. The 11 year old team played great--losing to the only Major division team in the semi-final game by one run. They finished in third place. The 12 year old team made the trek to sunny southern California over the St. Patrick's Day weekend, and played in their second major tournament. They are getting geared up for Cooperstown--that will happen the second week of June.

Along with Arizona, the 10 year old and 13 year old Coyotes continued their spring by playing in the Cactus Classic tournament in Mesquite. The 10 year old Coyotes finished in second place, and the 13 year old Coyotes took third place in the tournament.

In adddition to the practices that all the teams are taking part in--the 10, 11, and 12 year old Coyotes are also playing in the LVBA spring league, and the 9 and 13 year old teams are picking up some scrimages to go along with the practices. According to the Coaches, this is going to be a great Spring and Summer in the Coyotes Den. The Coyotes are getting timely hits, and the pitchers are not disappointing at every level. The training that the teams receive at both the Batting Cages and on the field continued to pay off.

Coyotes Rock-N-Roll in St. George

The Coyotes played outstanding baseball over the President's Day Weekend from top to bottom. The 13 Year Old Coyotes came home Champions and are invited to the Annual Tournament of Champions in Late June. They were lead up and down the lineup with timely hits and great baserunning. Their pitching never disappointed. They gave a sparce 7 runs in the four games in pool play, and another 2 in the semi-final games and 8 in the final game for a total of 17 runs over the weekend. The 12 year old Coyotes played the local USSSA tournament over the weekend, and lost in the semi-final game. The 11 Year Old Coyotes went 3-1 in pool play but lost a heartbreaker in their first championship game in triple California tie-breaker overtime. The 10 Year Old Coyotes continued to hit, and had some great pitching perfomances over the weekend--going 2-2 in poolplay and missing the Championship round. The 9-East team continued to play well going 3-1 in pool play and losing in their first round of the Championship day to the Las Vegas Bulldogs. The newest team in the pack, played in thier first tournament over the weekend, and their 0-4 record does not correctly define their weekend. Over the weekend, they played pool games against the teams that were a combined 13-3 in pool play and three of the four teams played into the Championship day with two of them playing for the Championship. All and all--a great weekend for Coyotes Baseball.

2006 Tournament News

Cooperstown Team Finishes .500
The tournament began or was suppose to begin with opening ceremonies on Saturday. However, the keyword for the fiest day was rain. This year the two coaches, Solomon and Tom, took 13 players to Cooperstown with aspirations of finishing well against some great teams throughout the country. The players were Robert, Andrew, Daniel, Brady, Cameron, Anthony, Travis, JJ, Adam, Matt, Bryce, Richie, and Blake.

The team finished Sunday's play with a 1-1 record. The Coyotes won the first game vs the Oceanside American Riptide from New York (W 11-3). We started out slow, but scored 11 unanswered runs in the last 3 innings. Adam had a big game going 3-3 with two doubles and a few RBIS. Cameron hit 2 crushing line drive shots over the outfield fence. Bryce and Cameron pitched well, the defensive plays were made up and down the lineup. In the second game vs Greenwitch Cardinals from Connecticut, the team could not get much offense together losing the game 16-1. In that game Matt reinjured his arm in the game--and will be out for the rest of the tournament. Hope he gets better soon.

Monday was a good day for the Coyotes. They finished the day with two wins and a 3-1 record overall in the tournament. In the first game of the day vs Southwest Stars from Minnesota, Cameron continued by hitting a homerun deep out to centerfield. The team played sound defense behind Brady throughout the game to hold the Stars to one run in the last 5 innnings to win the game 6-5.e run in the last 5 innings. The homeruns continued in the second game with Cameron hitting his second of the day, a three run blast, and Richie joined the homerun club putting one over in the last inning in the last inning beating the team 11-4.

Tuesday's draw was a tough one as the Coyotes had to face the Pottsville Pythons from Pennsylvania--the number 1 seed in the standings. The Coyotes held them tough with Richie on the mound for the first 4 innings. Fans were appearing out of nowhere to see the Coyotes upset the seed. The Coyotes scored 4 runs in the first couple of innings, the first that the Pythons had given up in the tournament. Alas, the Coyotes could not hold it together, losing the game 11-4. 11-4 seemed to be the score of the day, as the Coyotes faced the Cape Cod Clippers from Massachusetts. In this game, Cameron hit his 6th homerun of the tournament (This is our KING OF SWAT) and Travis hit his first of the tournament out. Travis and Adam both pitched great in the game holding the team to 4 runs.

On Wednesday, the Coyotes entered the day 4-2 and the #38 seed in the tournament. In this game, the Coyotes faced the South Jersey Mustangs. They played tough, but came out on the wrong side of a 12-6 score. After the game, the 4-3 Coyotes were seeded in the single elimation tournament as the #46 seed in the tourament--earning a first round bye. The Coyotes faced the Manalapan Storm in the first game. The Coyotes started the game going ahead by 4 runs. Adam started the game pitching the first 5 innings. The Coyotes lost the game by giving up the winning run in the top of the 6th inning.

The Coyotes finished the week going 4-4. Many unmentioned great plays were made on the field by every Coyote player over the weekend. There were at bats that were made that are not mentioned above, but will be remembered. They accomplished so much over the week--one of the players summed it up as this was the best tournament and the most fun he had had. The parents, coaches, and of course players, all left the tournment exhausted, but glad they went. The Coyotes made a good showing, the Organization will build on for many years to come. If you have any pictures that we can put on the internet, let Frank know.

2005 Tournament News

(Updated: October 22, 2005)

October 2005--Tournament Update: 11 & Under Coyotes play into the Semi-finals of the top division in Huntington Beach. The Coyotes finished pool play on Saturday the number 5 seed of the tournament--putting them in the upper bracket for Sunday. On Saturday, they beat the High Desert Blaze 11-10 and lost to the Temecula Tide 10-3. Sunday morning, the Coyotes played the number 4 seed of the tourmament the El Sereno Astros. The Coyotes were victorious with a score of 8-7, getting 4 runs in the last inning. They lost to the #1 seed Santa Fe Springs Thunder 9-5 in the semi-final round. The five runs the Coyotes scored were the first runs that Santa Fe gave up in the tournament. The 11 year old Coyotes represented the organization well. Congratulations.

10U Coyotes Come Alive .

June 2005-- The 10U Coyotes came alive in the Bracket play in the Consolation Round on Thursday. After a day of rest, the Coyotes came to the park to do business and "go home dirty." In the first game of the day, the Coyotes were lead by some great defensive plays under the control of Matt who pitched four stellar innings only giving up two runs in the first inning. On the offensive side, the Coyotes broke the game open with back-2-back home runs--the first a Grand-Salami by Andrew, and the next pitch a solo home run to right center field by Darian (his second of the Tournament). The Coyotes beat the 9U Wildcats 13-2 in four innings. In the twilight part of the doubleheader, the Coyotes came out and fought back from being behind by five runs in the fifth. The second game was a team effort to the utmost. Daniel pitched three relief shutout innings. The Coyotes tied the game scoring 4 runs with two outs in the fifth. The Game was broke open in the 7th with key hits. Patrick (Butt-Munch) pitched the 6th and 7 innings firing the ball into the catcher's glove. The Coyotes beat the Raptors 9-6 in 7-innings. The Heart Attack continues.

TOP 32--12 & Under Team Plays Great in Cooperstown.

June 2005--The 12U team became the "Heart Attack Kids" this week in Cooperstown, ending in the top 32 of the tournament after some exciting wins throughout the week. With the tounament starting Sunday, the Coyotes played 7 games in pool play in order to seed in the single elimination bracket tournament. After the seven games, finishing Wednesday morning, the Coyotes were seeded 50th in the tournament with a 3-4 record and three games of the seven either going to extra innings or the game being decided in the final 1/2 of the sixth inning. Then came 2pm Wednesday, and the start of the single elimination bracket. Isaiah pitched 5 2/3 innings of shutout baseball and Joseph turned two double plays and it seemed like the Coyotes were on a roll. Dillon hit his first homerun of the day, and the Coyotes unseeded the 49th seed--the Novi Heat Red from Michigan 5-1. In the second round, the Coyotes were paired up with the Clifton Park Cougars from New York. This was the third game of the day. Myles pitched strong, Stevie hit his first homerun of the Tournament Dillon hit his second of the day, and Stevie came in to pitch and get the final out--two outs bases loaded. The Coyotes unseated the 33rd seed 4-3. The Heart Attack continued. After a rain delay, the Coyotes were off to face the Florida Freeze--the 17th seed in the tournament for their fourth game of the day. Alas, the Coyotes did not fair well in the game and loss 12-4. Dillon went 3-3 and got his third homerun of the day, and the third in Bracket Play.

When it was all done, the Coyotes played four games on Wednesday over a 12 hour period. They all played great throughout the week going 3-4 in pool play and 2-1 in Bracket play--5-5 in the tournament finishing in the top 32 of 80 teams throughout the US and Canada is a great showing. The Coaches remarked that the players gave it their all. They all enjoyed the week in Cooperstown. Congratulations COYOTES. You set the stage for many years of Coyotes Baseball in Cooperstown to come. (GAME STATS will be posted when the book gets back to Las Vegas).

June 2005--TEAM UPDATE--Heart Attack Team Continues: The Cooperstown Coyotes went 1-1 on Sunday, however, they were unbeatable Monday, beating the Power Spring Indians from Georgia (13-12) in regulation play with a Game winning hit scoring 2 by Austin. In Game 2 of the day (shown on the internet--Hope you watched), the Coyotes beat the Locust Valley Falcons (11-10) in extra innings. The Coyotes have been getting Offensive help up and down the lineup with Austin hitting 3 Home Runs so far, and Dillon hitting one. The Game ended in extra innings with Cole scoring on a GW single by Isaiah. In the final game on Monday, Stevie threw what could ihave been the winning run at second. In Sunday's play, Myles pitched a great game, JJ had a great outfield catch. Stevie caught the entire game. In Game 2, the Coyotes lost 12-4 to the South Carolina Storm. Austin hit a 3 run homerun in the fourth, and Matt, Joseph, James, and Brenden pitched the game.
June 2005--10U Coyotes Come Back from California Champions

Congratulations to the 10U Coyotes Team who went to California and brought their Dad's back a win for Father's Day in Chino Hills. The Coyotes went to Chino--looking to get ready for the USSSA World Series in Henderson next month. They came back going undefeated in four games. Their next tournament is the USSSA 10U World Series! Good luck boys!

All Three teams took 3rd Place in the Spring Training SuperSeries Tournament in Phoenix this past weekend and earned a berth to the Spring/Summer National Tournament. Congratulations to all the teams. Each team had some great plays.

The 10U team played what has been called one of the best games played this year--and that is something since the 11U team also had one of those games the same weekend. The 10U team fought hard in their third game playing 9 innings--they came out on the wrong end of the score, however. There were great performances by all on the team. The bats continued to come alive during the tournament, as the 10U team batted a combined .346 (28 hits on 81 at bats), and walked 11 times. They also continued to be lightning fast on the bases, stealing 27 during the tournament. While all the players hit well during the tournament--three players got homeruns--Patrick (2), Steven, and Dre'. Dre' also caught well for his first tournament with the Coyotes. Matt continued to play hard and aggresive--batting .333, scoring 4 times and stealing 6 bases. Click here to see Comments from the 10U Manager.

The 11U team also had a good tournament going 2-1. The first day of the tournament started at 7pm for the team. They played hard beating both teams. Perhaps the best game of the tournament was the team's second game against the Arizona Players. The Coyotes, who had just won a hard game coming back from behind, came back again in the second game on some great two-out rallys.

The bats came alive and the Coyotes ran the bases well. For the tournament, Chris, Robert, and Anthony all hit well--Robert and Chris each had hard hit triples and Anthony was on fire with a homerun and a couple of doubles. Anthony and Richie also threw well. The Coyotes also played some solid defense all around.

The 12U Coyotes had a tough tournament, but beat themselves. They all made some great plays, but the errors hurt the team. Matt and Myles each pitched well. Johnny (came to play with us this weekend--Thanks) caught the majority of the tournament and had some key hits during the tournament. Dillon also had some great plays up the middle. The Coyotes lost all three games by a combined 6 runs, and out hit their opponents at least 2-1. The Coyotes also got to see some major league spring training games, got some autographs and really enjoyed themselves. We will be making this tournament an annual event for all the teams.

11U Coyotes Crowned Champions (Winter in Vegas Tournament)

It was a weekend of ESPN Plays of the Game Highlights as the 11U Coyotes were Crowned champions in the first annual "Winter in Vegas" Baseball Extravaganza MLK weekend. After tying their first game on Saturday 2-2 against the Cadets with great pitching from Andrew and Dom, the team went 3-0 from there-on-out to win their first tournament of the year. On Sunday, against Roy Ruckus, it seemed as though everyone had eaten their Wheaties. Everyone was hitting the ball. Chris B. gave the Coyotes a much needed 3-run laser-shot homerun over the left fielders head to give the Coyotes the lead for good. Ritchie stood tall on the mound and shut the Ruckus down to one run. On Monday, Anthony and Dominic again held the Ruckus to 2 runs. The great plays continued, The Coyotes stood behind Richie with great defensive gems from Max, Andrew, Eric, and Blake. The Bats did not quiet, as Chris, Eric, Ritchie, and Max all hit the ball, and Robert, who had been masterful behind the plate the entire tournament, got some key RBIs. Dom lead the way going 3-4, and driving in two runs. In the Championship game against LVBA, LVBA attempted to get back into the game after being down 9-1 by scoring 4 times in the bottom of the 6th inning. Anthony moved from pitcher to center field, continued the ESPN Plays of the Weekend, riffling the ball to first base to throw out the runner. This was a total team effort, everyone contributed to the Championship run.

10U Coyotes Crowned Champions

The 10U Coyotes were crowned champions in the first annual Bringin' the Heat Super Series Qualifier Tournament in Henderson this weekend. The Coyotes completed play on Saturday 2-0, and entered the single elimination tournament on Sunday as the #2 seed. On Saturday, the Coyotes faced the 10U Nevada Wildcats. The game was hard fought by both sides. The Coyotes won the game 9-6 with key hits from Alex and Thomas. Game 2 between the Las Vegas Hawks and the Coyotes was also hard fought. In the game, Joey came in to pitch to finish the game with bases loaded. The Coyotes were again victorious. This led to Sunday's games. The Coyotes came to the ballpark ready to play. Game 1 on Sunday featured the Coyotes against the Nevada Outlaws (from Reno). The offense came alive with great hits up and down the lineup--Daniel, Patrick, Joey W, Steven, and Matt, Logan, and Kelly all got key base hits. Luke and Steven also moved runners into scoring position. The Coyotes were again victorious by a score of 16-3. The Coyotes entered the Championship game still unbeaten--and still fired up. The game was against the #1 seed 9U Nevada Wildcats. The Coyotes jumped on the Wildcats with an 11 run second inning. The Wildcats fought back throughout the game but were shut down by great defensive plays and three innings of pitching from Matt to finish the game. Kelly made the final out with a catch in right field with runners on second and third to finish the game with a 19-9 victory. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 10U COYOTES.....

12U Coyotes Take Second Place in Cranberry Classic.

The Coyotes entered the Championship round as the 1st seed with a 3-0 record in pool play. In the semi-final game they took on the Las Vegas Cougars. They beat the Cougars and entered the championship game against the 2nd seed team, the Southern California Sun Devils. The game started slow for the Coyotes, however, they fought back to score 5 in the 5th inning to take the lead 7-6. Unfortunately, we were unable to keep the lead and lost the game 8-7. The tournament was the first for the team and they showed they will be a force in the Southwest this year. Great performances were made by every player on the team. Matt, Matty, Zac, Austin, and Hunter all pitched great; T.J. spent the entire tournament as the signal caller behind the plate; Big hits were put together up-and-down the lineup--emphasized by Bruce, Brenden, Dillon, Cameron, T.J., Zac, and Hunter--with a bases clearing homerun by Matt in the Cougars game.

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR 11U Travel Team for finishing 2nd in the RMSBB Fall Extravaganza in Utah. The team went 4-0 to make it to the Championship game.


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