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"I hated every minute of training, but I said, Don't quit.
Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion." -Muhammad Ali

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Spring Training
Phoenix, AZ
March 28-29

Spring In Desert (Easter)
Las Vegas, NV
Apr 2-4

BBall By the Bridge
Lake Havasu, AZ
Apr 11-12

Dry Heat Showdown
Las Vegas, NV
May 16-17

Memorial Day
Flagstaff, AZ
May 23-25

Wood Bat Finale
Las Vegas, NV
June 6-7

All Night Woody
Phoenix, AZ
June 20
(Sat Night)

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2015 Coyotes 12u Team

Top (Left to Right) Joseph, Jordan, Rhyse, Taven, Ashton, Jacob
Bottom: Rocco, Morgan, Brock, Grayson, Joshua; Not Pictured Bobby

2015 Coyotes Child Focus Clinic

The 2015 Coyotes again partnered up with Child Focus Nevada and St. Judes to provide brothers and sisters a fun time playing baseball. For the third year, the Clinic was held at St. Judes in Boulder City on a nice Saturday, February morning. There were 45 participants taking part in this year's clinic.

The format remained the aame as years' past. The first two hours were spent with the players teaching the participants to hit, slide, catch, and pitch. For the third year now, sliding was the event that everyone enjoyed the most, with the exception of the picnic lunch at the end of course. This year's whiffleball game was a hard fought game with both sides battling it out to the 22-22 tie. The leaders even got involved this year. No one hit it out of the park this year. After the game of the Century--what came next--of Course, a hotdog and hamburger meal donated by the Coyotes Parent.

Everyone went home a winner--The participants got to spend time with family members, and got a Certificate and candy. The Coyotes players and parents got the reward of smiles from all. Below are some pictures from the event. As in the past two years, the pictures do not show all the smiles and do the event justice,--IT WAS A BLAST!!!!!!! We even got to see Brock breakdance and do the worm.....

2014 Christmas Holiday Party

The Coyotes had a great time at the Christmas Holiday Party held at Coach Frank's house this year. From touch football to whiffle ball to pool, and great food and company--The Coyote Family wished eachother a very Merry Christmas and Holiday Season. Oh, one could not forget the gift exchange. Fun was had by all.

Pictures 1-50

Coyotes --Community Service

One of the areas that make the Coyotes different from many of the other teams in the valley is the time they spend giving back to others. The team this year is no different. The first Community Service project that the team participated in this year was for the Three Square Food Bank. Eight of the Coyotes players and parents spent three hours santatizing bins that are used to transport meals. We estimate that we cleaned over 600 bins. The Three Square Representative told the participants that they cleaned more than expected and that the efforts would be enough to provide meals for to the public for four days. Below are pictures taken at the event. Thanks for all your help.

Coyotes Finish Strong at Parade of Lights

Things have been coming together over the last couple of month for the Coyotes. Over the weekend, the team finshed strong in each of their games: losing a couple of Games on the first day by one run each. Well fought games with few if any errors on the field. On Sunday, the Coyotes beat a team out of Arizona handily, with Morgan pitching a complete game, and then lost the Consolation Championship game by only a few runs. Over the weekend, the Coyotes had one of the lowest runs allowed in the tournament, and one of the most runs scored. The batting came alive with a .361 batting average. A Great Weekend with Great Weather.

Pictures from the Parade of Lights Tournament (December 2014)

Pictures 1-50
Pictures 51-100
Pictures 101-150

Coyotes Getting Ready for Tournament Play

The Coyotes decided to field a 12 year old team for the 2014/15 season. This new team has two returning players (Jordan and Grayson) and eight new players, two who ended the season last year with the team (Brock and Josh), and six of whom are new players to the den (Jacob, Sean, Taven, Rhyse, Bobby, and Erick). The team has been practicing three days a week on the field and has been spending Tuesday nights with a athletic trainer at Tony Madden at Madden Endurance. The Coyotes have also been playing scrimmages against BatRUp and the Bullhead City Venom teams.

2014 Coyotes 12u Team

Pictures from Spring In Desert Tournament (Easter 2014)

Pictures 1-50
Pictures 51-100
Pictures 101-150
Pictures 151-183

Pictures from Spring Training Tournament

Pictures 1-50
Pictures 51-100
Pictures 101-152
Pictures 153-200
Pictures 201-228

The 12 Year Old team has been playing hard since October of this last year. Over the last six months, the team has played various scrimage games both locally and in Arizona. We have also played tournaments locally, and in Arizona, California, and Utah. Some of the players are new on the team, but there is a strong core group that the coaches are able to build on whomever leaves.

Most recently in Arizona, the Coyotes, the Coyotes finished strong in the Spring Training USSSA tournament. For the tournament the Coyotes picked up 3 players from Phoenix to complete their roster. Many friendships were established over the weekend. Our thanks to Mason Osborn from the Firebirds, and Cameron Waterfield, and Ashton Perez from the EYS Wolves. Hope you will be able to all join us in the future.

Next up for the Coyotes: Two tournaments in May.


With over 1,800 Plate Appearances and 1,500 Official At Bats, the 2013 Coyotes 14 Year Old Team finished their season. The Team finished with a Batting Average of a combined .297 and an On Base Percentage of 424. They took First Place in the October Slugfest and Second Place in the March Mayhem Tournaments. The Coyotes should be proud of the season that they had. The players on the team are currently playing for their respective High School Summer teams. Congratulations to all that decided to play this year, and we look forward to seeing many of you back this Fall.



2013 Sibling Baseball Clinic

The 2013 Coyotes partnered up this year with Child Focus Nevada and St. Judes to provide brothers and sisters a fun time playing baseball. The Clinic was held on a brisk Febrary Saturday morning in Boulder City. There were 55 participants taking part in this year's clinic.

They spent the first two hours learning to hit, slide, catch, and pitch, then came the game of the Century. I believe the score was 26-26--everyone scored. Umpire Zach made sure that fun was had by all. After the game of the Century--what came next--of Course, a hotdog and hamburger meal donated by the Coyotes Parents.

Thanks to the Hard Rock Cafe for the donations for the event. Everyone went home a winner--The participants got to spend time with family members, and got a Coyotes Clinic T-shirt, pins, and other goodies. The Coyotes players and parents got the reward of smiles from all. Below are some pictures from the event. They do not do it justice--IT WAS A BLAST.......


Here are some pictures of the 2013 Coyotes. GO HOME DIRTY... (More pictures to come--stay tuned)


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Some people think Baseball is just a game. THEY ARE WRONG... Baseball is about reaching deep inside yourself to catch the ball that can't be caught.... And hit a pitch that can't be hit.... It is about the SOUL. Baseball is about Bad Hops, Bad Breaks, Bad Throws, and Bad Calls. It's about striking out and making errors. It is about overcoming all of those things.... Baseball is about kids who become Stars.... Stars who become Heroes.... Heroes who become.... Legends.



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